Data Vaulting Services

Secure Your Data

In today's around-the-clock e-business environment, data volumes are growing at an explosive rate. Protecting this information is crucial. Companies need immediate and constant access to critical information to ensure business continuity when disaster strikes.

Most backup solutions make restoring data a cumbersome and risky process. Manually retrieving off-site tapes, and recovering files from these tapes, can be problematic for several reasons. With Internet Vaulting, you eliminate these issues. Our automated backup solution guarantees that it gets done. Off-site transmission and storage provides a necessary safeguard for your data, while under the protection of industrial-strength encryption. And instant access to your data allows quick and easy recovery. In addition, your cost savings are not only realized in the lack of hardware & software costs, but also in the amount of time saved using this technology.

Using Coastal's Internet Vaulting service is simple. Our engineers have taken great strides in making sure our data recovery process is easy to manage and straightforward in design. The ability to restore specific files and data components on the fly, and do it quickly, is our core offering. However, our advanced functionality and enhanced features offer much more, and give us major advantages over our competitors.

Internet Vaulting is the solution of choice for companies who want to take the hassles out of their traditional backup routines and transition to a highly secure and easy to manage off-site storage solution.

Internet Vaulting

Any document, spreadsheet, or other file is at risk if it exists in only one location. Hard drive malfunction, computer viruses, fire, human error can and do happen. When these problems occur, some or all of the data can be lost forever – weeks or months of work can disappear in an instant. Protection from such a disaster is to have multiple versions of the data in an alternate location. This is the principle behind all backup strategies.

Many businesses with procedures already in place may not be aware of the alternatives to their current expensive, manual, archaic tape-based backup processes. With business operations so reliant on information technology, it is vitally important to identify alternatives that can eliminate vulnerabilities and to utilize an effective data protection service that will provide the ability to quickly restore business operations.

Internet Vaulting is a unique alternative to traditional backup methods, replacing conventional tape based systems with a fully automated on-line solution. It provides centralized and automated backups of PC’s, file servers and application/database servers with secure offsite data storage and immediate online restoration.

Key Features

Agentless: The Internet Vaulting backup software is totally agentless, requiring no additional software to be installed on more than one machine.

Common File Elimination: Ensures that the same data is never transmitted offsite more than twice.

Delta Blocking: Only the changed blocks of a file are transmitted to complete a FULL backup every day.

Open File Management: Enables the backup of almost any file.

Encryption: Data is securely transmitted to the Coastal data vault at encryption levels exceeding standard government and banking requirements.

Compression: Decreases the size of the data being transmitted

Industry Statistics

« 34% of companies fail to test their tape backups, and of those that do, 77% have found tape back-up failures.

« 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster

« As much as 60% of corporate data resides unprotected on PC desktops and laptops.

« Key causes of data loss:
     78% Hardware or System Malfunction
     11% Human Error
     7% Software Corruption or Program Malfunction
     2% Computer Viruses
     1% Natural Disasters
     1% Other

« 25 percent of users frequently back up digital files, while 85 percent of computer users say they are very concerned about losing important digital data

« More than 22 percent said backing up information is on their to-do list, but they seldom do it

« 30 percent of companies report that they still do not have a disaster recovery program in place and two in three companies feel their data backup and disaster recovery plans have significant vulnerabilities

« 1 in 20-25 notebooks are stolen, broken or destroyed each year

« Today's hard drives store 500 times the data stored on the drives of a decade ago. Increasing storage capacities amplify the impact of data loss, making mechanical precision more critical

« The average failure rate of disk and tape drives is 100% - All drives eventually fail

« 30% chance that you will have a corrupted file within a one-year time frame.

« More than 50 percent of customers surveyed said their current backup solutions does not meet their needs

Cost Effectiveness

Internet Vaulting is an on-line backup and data recovery service that eliminates the administrative hassles and hidden costs of tape-based systems.

Internet Vaulting eliminates the following costs associated with tape-based backup and recovery:

Labor Costs
« Costs of lost productivity due to longer recovery times
« General physical tape management, both on-site and off-site
« Tape maintenance costs i.e., tape rotation to maintain reliability/shelf-life
« Verification of data integrity residing on tapes

Data Retrieval Costs
« Costs associated with the time it takes to retrieve tapes from an off-site storage location.
« Costs associated with locating files to be restored, including searching through tape catalogues and cumbersome lists.

Media Costs
« Costs associated with tape media, proportional to the amount of data to be backed up

Hardware Costs
« Costs of tape drives
« Maintenance of drives

Software Costs
« Costs of tape backup software
« License fee or price per target computer, with agent approach
« Costs of upgrades
« Costs of verifying compatibility between the tape backup software and the operating system, and all its future service packs and versions

Service Costs
« Courier or transportation costs to pickup and deliver tapes between your company and your storage site
« Tape storage costs in a secure off-site location

How It Works

Coastal's Internet Vaulting can help your business protect its digital assets. We provide digital insurance and peace of mind at a price point that can fit in to any budget.

Easy to install. Highly Scalable
The DS-Client sends the data to be protected to the off-site location, in a compressed and encrypted format. It also retrieves this data from off-site when you need to restore it. The DS-Client runs on a Windows or Linux machine. Thanks to our “agentless” architecture, the free DS-Client is the only software you need to install at each remote location. That eliminates the cost of installing an “agent” or “client” on every machine you want to protect. It also makes your backup highly scalable.

Easy Deployment Across the Enterprise
You can automate client installations across a variety of operating systems and network configurations. The DS-Client protects data from most operating environments, such as Windows®™, Unix, Linux, including “hot” backup of Oracle®, MS-SQL® and MS-Exchange®. It integrates fully with NT domains, Trusts and Novell® NDS trees, and otherwise adopts your local LAN’s existing security settings.

Centralized Control
The DS-Client only needs to be installed on one machine in your organization. This single software installation acts as the central management location for all your backup & restore needs and provides all the tools your IT team needs to manage your data, including the verification that all backups occurred correctly and as scheduled. You can view all your backup sets from one convenient interface that integrates with existing SNMP-based monitoring and notification systems.

Faster Backup, Faster Recovery
Internet Vaulting automates and simplifies as much of the backup process as possible. Backups can occur as often as you wish. Only new, unique data is backed up, saving bandwidth and storage space. You can backup while restoring, restore while backing up.

Simple, automated and secure
Our software automates and simplifies the backup process as much as possible. A high level of data security is a key element in our Internet Vaulting solution. All encryption and decryption takes place at the customer premises.

Delta Blocking significantly reduces the amount of data transmitted and stored. Common File Elimination automatically eliminates common files across your entire LAN, and your data is compressed before being encrypted and transmitted offsite.

Your data is also stored in encrypted format using one of the standard encryption algorithms: DES, AES 128, AES 192, and AES 256. For added security, all encryption and decryption takes place at your premises.