Special Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

Compliance with government HIPAA regulations remains a crucial concern at every level of the healthcare industry. Strong control over Information Technology is critical in this arena.
Healthcare providers are scrutinized daily on their storage of patient information. Patients and government agencies demand that their data is secured in a safe environment. Patient confidentiality is key. We can help you protect viable billing information and store confidential patient information.
Clinical documentation can be especially tedious and time consuming, more so when it must be repeated in multiple applications.

Coastal Solutions Incorporated answers the challenges that you face everyday with solutions designed to improve the core business and clinical functions of your practice, so physicians can devote more time and attention to their patients and spend less time worrying about their computer systems and network.

We understand the specific needs of healthcare organizations and have the solutions to meet them. Business crtitical services backed by quality, experience and expertise provide the perfect solutions for your IT needs.